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Please Visit Our GoFundMe Page and Consider Donating to Help a Veteran Receive the Service Dog They Need


Service Dogs To Military Veterans & 1st Responders

Are you a military veteran or a first responder who could benefit from a service dog?


ConnorsK9 provides service dogs to veterans who suffer from the wounds of war with immense effort to supply these amazing assistance animals free of charge to our veteran clients. Our training methods have been proven to supply only the highest of quality service dogs capable of assisting their clients who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Mobility Difficulties, and more. 

We understand that when you apply to most organizations for a service dog, you are presented with extremely long wait times to receive your dog of up to 4 years. At ConnorsK9 we have developed a better system in order to avoid these wait times. Our goal is to supply these service dogs to the veterans in need as swiftly and professionally as possible while ensuring that we ALWAYS prioritize our quality over quantity. 

This program is through our partnership with Bodhi Battalion, ConnorsK9-BB. 

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For additional information regarding our service dog programs, please see below.

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If you are a veteran or first responder and feel that you'd like the opportunity to regain your independence through the assistance of a service dog or would like to learn more, please reach out to us.

Our Training Programs


We Don't Offer Bandaids, Only Solutions

Our programs are proven to give solutions to the problems our clients face with their dogs. We don't give you the simple solution to patch the issue, rather we find the underlying issue and resolve it for the long term solution you really desire.

All Programs Start With An Initial Consultation

This initial appointment is to determine where your dog is currently in their behaviors and to discuss your goals for your dog. We discuss in depth the training and a completely customized training plan is built for you and your dog.

This will be the first session in any program and is a non-refundable fee of $75.00.

The consultation fee will be deducted from the cost of the program signed up for.

Puppy Program


Puppies are great!

But, they can cause a lot of problems.

When thinking about all those problems we realized there are even bigger problems when it comes to puppy training programs.

The biggest problem is you spend all this time and effort working with the puppy on house training, good manners like no nipping, chewing, stealing, barking, you work on beginner’s obedience, and you work on socialization. All this only to quickly find that your dog is a juvenile or an adult and has a WHOLE NEW set of problems. And it’s like you’ve got to start over.

We’ve come to realize that almost no one is happy with puppy training because it stops at puppy training. And it feels like they’ve got to start over once the dog is older.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can SKIP puppy training. That would make things WAY WORSE.

But we have a solution for you.

The Connors K9 90 Day Program is for dogs that are about 5-6 months old and older.

But if you’ve got a puppy who is 2-5 months old, we want to help you get ready so we will offer you our puppy training classes at a LARGE discount.

Why would we do this?

Well, like most puppies, we’re sneaky LOL.

We know that most of you are going to need help BEYOND the puppy stage and will hire us to help you get your juvenile or adult dog fully trained.

This way, we can walk you through the WHOLE process from puppy to adult and beyond.

The Puppy Program will last 60 days and will cover puppy house manners, basic obedience, and preparation for the Connors K9 90 Day Program.


Base Package 


     - 8 Private Training Sessions (Focused on Basic Obedience & House Breaking)

     - A Customized Training Plan

     - Socialization Tips & Training

Puppy BootCamp Package

     - 8 Private Training Sessions (Focused on Basic Obedience & House Breaking)

     - A Customized Training Plan

     - Socialization Tips & Training

     - One Week Board & Train 



The Connors K9 90 Day Program has been used by a number of dog owners across Colorado. It’s been successful with big dogs, small dogs, and medium dogs.

It’s worked for owners that are experienced with dogs and first-time pet parents.

This program has had SIGNIFICANT success in solving all types of aggression (human, dog, resource, child, etc.), anxiety (whining, pacing, barking, separation), house training problems (often by the second day), destruction problems, jumping, not coming when called, leash pulling, and so much more.

This program has worked for dogs that are 4 months old all the way to a 10-year-old dog.

The reason we have so much success is that it sets the right foundation. It helps your dog think right. Through a systematic process we fix relationship problems, teach dogs how to think in a calm way.

Most dog training programs and dog trainers address the problem as it occurs. While this isn’t wrong, it ignores the ROOT of the problem. 

The Connors K9 90 Day Program solves that root cause. It helps establish the right relationship with the dog, helps the dog become a problems solver and make good choices, and helps both dog and owner work together as a team.

The Connors K9 90 Day Program has two options; Base Package and K9 Boot Camp Package. Whether we’re talking about a dog who simply needs to stop jumping and pulling on the leash or a dog who has deep rooted problems, this program can help you and your dog.


Base Package 


    - 12 Private Training Sessions (Focused on Obedience & Behavior Modification)

    - A Customized Training Plan

    - Weekly Follow Up with a Certified Trainer

    - Weekly Video Email Advice from a Certified Trainer

Connors K9 90 Day BootCamp Package 

    - 12 Private Training Sessions (Focused on Obedience & Behavior Modification)

    - A Customized Training Plan

    - Weekly Follow Up with a Certified Trainer

    - Weekly Video Email Advice from a Certified Trainer

    - One Week Board & Train 

Our Service Dog & Therapy Dog Programs


Let’s First Explain the Difference…

Service Dog: How do we help veterans who are suffering post-traumatic stress disorder get their lives back?  Is there a way to stop even one veteran from taking their own life due to the effects of post-traumatic stress? Those are the questions Michael Connors is trying to answer. 

A veteran himself, Michael knows the uncertainty service members face when returning from overseas deployments, often not getting access to the services needed to overcome the invisible wounds of war once they retire. On average, 22 veterans a day lose their battle to those invisible wounds and commit suicide.  Service dogs have long been proven as a benefit to those suffering from PTSD and helping those veterans win their battle.

Since retiring from the US Army in 2016, Michael's goal has been to help as many veterans as possible receive the service dog they need to get their life back.  Veterans need service dogs to gain their independence, cope with symptoms of PTSD (i.e. depression, nightmares and social anxiety) and provide other mobility/stability assistance.  These dogs provide an invaluable service, but with the cost of training, most veterans cannot afford the purpose trained dog they desperately need.  To properly train a service dog, the cost can be upwards of $20,000 and not covered by insurance or veterans’ benefits.

Michael’s goal is to provide as many veterans as possible with their service dog at no cost; with the cost being covered by proceeds of Connors Canine Behavior Academy  or fundraising efforts.   

A service dog is defined as a dog that performs a service for a person with a disability.  Disabilities may include anxiety, blindness, autism, PTSD, diabetes, seizures, amongst others. A Service Dog must actually do a task that mitigates the disability.  What that means is that a dog whose sole purpose is to provide comfort through their presence DOES NOT qualify as a service dog. This is an Emotional Support Animal. 

Emotional Support Animals are great but they DO NOT have rights of public access.

Service dogs and service dogs in training are granted access into public places such as restaurants, airplanes, hotels, theaters, grocery stores, etc.

There is no federal guideline stating what level of training a service dog has to attain, rather the guidelines for service dogs state that a service dog can’t be a perceived threat to other guests, patrons, or visitors of public places.

Connors K9 is proud to offer a training program that is designed to ensure that your dog is socialized well enough, trained well enough, and is equipped to accompany you in public in addition to providing a service that mitigates a disability.  Our service dog training is not dependent on the type of disability you may have as that is between you and your doctor. Our training program is designed to ensure you and your K9 are a cohesive team working together to mitigate your disability.

Protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a trained service dog cannot be denied access to a public place unless the dog is posing a threat.

Our service dog program is customized to each client-dog team to ensure the K9 is fully prepared to serve their human companion to the fullest of their ability. 

The program starts with a behavior evaluation on your dog which is a requirement for your dog to pass. The program then consists with working one-on-one with you and your dog throughout the necessary obedience training and public access training. 

WARNING: The nature of service dog training is that sometimes dogs do fail out of a program. With this being said, we promise to give your dog the best training and opportunity to pass possible.

We have provided service dogs and training for people with PTSD, autism, mobility issues, and more.

Therapy Dog: A therapy dog is a dog that is used to give comfort or provide therapeutic support in a number of capacities.  Many therapy dogs will work in hospitals, homes for the elderly, children’s hospitals, etc. A therapy dog does not have the same rights as a service dog and is not legally granted access to all public places.

Organizations, hospitals, clinics, etc. may set their own standards for what type of certification they will accept for therapy animals in their facilities.  If you are considering getting a certification make sure to inquire with the facility where you wish to give therapy if they accept our certification.

These programs are completely customized for each client. 

Contact us for more information.

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